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Workers Compensation in San Jose and Fremont, CA

Keep Your Employees Protected

Regardless if you currently have a high or low workers compensation experience modification (X-Mod,) a high or low guaranteed premium, low or high claims activity; we find that 9 out of 10 companies could have had better financial options but never sought them out. Consequently, these companies are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table each and every year.

Might you be in this situation? Are you paying too much and feel you have no other options? Or, maybe you’re comfortable with your current costs and feel that it can’t be improved? Are you unsure and just don’t know?

Our mission at High Tech Insurance Solutions is to help our clients seek out and implement these alternate solutions and drive down their Workers Compensation Insurance related costs significantly

Each company’s situation is different and requires a unique solution. One size does not fit all when it comes to workers compensation protection. High Tech Insurance Solutions crafts a unique solution to address all your needs and to meet your financial objectives.

We have a workers compensation programs designed to meet the unique needs of contractors. We provide a competitive quote with one of our A rated coverage options to help contractors build their businesses.

Hard to place account? No problem. Our workers’ comp programs can be designed to solve the problems of even the most challenging client classes, including high experienced modification, high hazard class, and hard to place class codes. We offer solutions at all inclusive prices that meet all of your business needs.


Business owners can sometimes be faced with huge costs when insurance companies use estimated payroll figures to determine insurance premiums on workers’ compensation insurance. Installment bill payment plans are available, but with significant premium deposits, and at high fixed monthly premiums. If a client under-estimates annual payroll figures, the result can be costly premium audit bills. When clients are faced with the difficulty of affording deposits and upfront costs for their policies, we have a solution for them.

Pay-As-You-Go billing plans are available with many of our programs. This can help reduce the premium every time payroll goes down.


Safety pays. When business owners make their businesses safe for their employees, they have the opportunity to earn cash back with our cash safety rebate program. Enrolled clients who maintain a safe workplace and keep their losses low can earn up to 30% of their paid-in premium with our rebate program. Participants are offered a variety of services and materials to help them achieve their cash back, such as help with claims investigations, safety compliance materials, and return to work programs.

Up to 30% cash rebate is paid quickly to qualifying clients with no or low losses.


Our program partnerships with A rated carriers allow us to provide an abundant amount of markets servicing CA. Simply, our programs save you money. Let us quote your hard-to-place workers’ compensation insurance and see the affordable solutions we can offer you today.


Profit sharing programs designed to offer businesses the opportunity to participate in financial programs traditionally only available to larger-sized organizations.

With our unique profit-sharing program, quality insureds share in the underwriting profit. It's a risk/reward solution that offers our customers the potential to reap financial rewards for good performance. Key benefits include:

  •  Loss sensitive plan is front loaded by reducing rates from the first month of program participation.
  •  No need to wait years for retro calculations.
  •  We reward good experience with reduced rates in real time throughout the year.
  •  With good experience, insureds can pay up to 50% less than traditional guaranteed cost programs over the life of the plan.


Contact us today and learn how we can design a proactive workers compensation risk plan uniquely suited for your situation.